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Set within the King's ForestKing's Forest

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Eating & Drinking

The Woolpack, Fornham

The Woolpack, Fornham St Martin, IP31 1SW
01284 753380
(Dog Friendly)

The Cadogan Arms

The Cadogan Arms, Ingham, IP31 1NG 01284 728443 
(Dog Friendly)

The Guiness Arms

Guiness Arms, The Street, Icklingham. IP28 6PS 01638 597547 (Dog Friendly)

The Old Bull Inn

The Old Bull Inn, Barton Mills, IP28 6AA,
01638 711001

The Elveden Inn

The Elveden Inn, Elveden, IP24 3TP, 01842 890876,  (Dog Friendly)

Elveden Courtyard & Lifestyle Shops

The Tollgate Inn

The Tollgate Inn, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 6AX,
01284 755237

Tuddenham Mill

Tuddenham Mill, Tuddenham, IP28 6SQ,
01638 713552

La Hogue Farm Shop & Café

La Hogue Farm Shop & Café, Chippenham, CB7 5PZ,
01638 751128

Places To Visit

Fullers Mill Garden  
(Sorry No Dogs allowed)

Anglo Saxon Village

Anglo Saxon Village, West Stow, IP28 6HG,
01284 728718

Abbey Gardens

Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1UZ,
01284 764667

High Lodge Forest Centre

High Lodge Forest Centre, Thetford Forest, IP27 0AF,
01842 815434

Banham Zoo

Banham Zoo, Banham, NR16 2HE, 01953 887771

National Horse Racing

National Horse Racing  Museum, Newmarket, CB8 8JH,
01638 667333.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Suffolk Wildlife Trust & Lackford Lakes, Lackford,  
01473 890089

Ancient House Museum

Ancient House Museum of Thetford Life, Thetford, IP24 1AA,
01842 752599.

Ickworth House

Ickworth House, Ickworth,  IP29 5QE.  
01284 735270

Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1QR,
01284 755127

Green King Brewery Tour & Beer Cafe

Kentwell Hall

Green King, Westgate Brewery, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1QT

Kentwell Hall, Kentwell, Long Melford, Sudbury, CO10 9BA,
01787 310207

Moyses Hall Museum

Moyses Hall Museum, Bury St Edmunds,  IP33 1DX,
01284 757160…/364-moyses-hall-museum

Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo, Colchester, CO3 0SL, 
01206 331292

Snetterton Race Circuit

Snetterton Race Circuit, Snetterton,  NR16 2JU,
01953 887303

World Horse Welfare

World Horse Welfare, Snetterton, NR16 2LR,
01953 498682